This workshop aims to explore our voice through the genre of biomythography. ‘Bio’ meaning my story, and ‘myth’ meaning the stories we use to understand the world. Weaving these two elements together to create poetry in the style of biomythography. In each module we will be discovering a new aspect of how we understand and create bio-myth poetry. The workshop will be filled with lots of theory, lots of activities and games, and lots of examples. We will be creating lots of small bits of poetry individually and as a group throughout the workshop. There will be lots of time for 1:1 mentoring and for feedback through out the process.

Module One: The history of Spoken word and how it has empowered communities
Module Two: Biomythography
Module Three: Reflective Practice
• Self Knowledge
• Orality
• Rhythm
• Political content and context
• Language of Communication
• Urgency
• Sacredness
• Integrity
Module Four: Creating your poetry toolkit
Module Five: Performance techniques
Module Six: Putting it all together



Sunday 22nd October and Sunday 29th October 2017
Each day we will be working together from 10am to 4pm each day


The workshop is held at Belgrave Creative Space
1658A Burwood Highway, Belgrave
Victoria 3160


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Belgrave Creative Space

Belgrave Creative Space

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