One of my strengths is the ability to support people to make connections between each other and with content that is important to them, and I use this skill in my facilitation practice. I love asking questions and bringing forth information and stories for others to use and share in assessable and practical ways. I am a trained deep democracy facilitator and am available to work with you or your organisation. Contact me via the contact page for more information or a quote.
Queers and Answers:
Queers and Answers is a panel format event that asks the types of questions that as a queer community we need to put to the forefront. Such questions as, ‘What does the culture wars mean for Queer and Trans Women of Colour? Do queer women necessarily objectify women? Does Dress represent gender? I curate the event around Melbourne and would love to bring it to your city or in addition to a community event that you are organising.
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